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Corporate Classes

If you’re looking for ways of rewarding your staff and keeping them engaged with office wellbeing activities, then office Yoga classes are just what you’ve been looking for. Office Yoga & Mindfulness sessions are perfect to improve health, relieve tension, recharge batteries and boost employee morale.


Good reasons for lunchtime, before & after work sessions:

It increases mental clarity.

It provides a great mini workout and banishes bloatedness.

It gives positive social time during the day.

It improves mood.


Grab a co-worker and do it together! Learning more about our colleagues & our team.


All you need is a free room or a space that can be easily cleared in your workplace and some colleagues that want to join in. The office fitness classes can be held during a lunch break, before or after work.

Please use the enquiry form for more information.

Yoga Maidenhead Berkshire

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Orbit Developments Southern Ltd, West Drayton

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