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My Story

I am originally from Thailand and moved to Maidenhead, Berkshire in 2008. When I came here my life turned upside down, new language, new country, new climate and new people. The time difference made it difficult to stay in contact with friends and family. So much change made me feel angry and isolated. But in 2014, when I went back to Thailand on holiday, a yoga teacher friend of mine, introduced me to Iyengar yoga.

This is where I started my yoga journey.

It made me want to know more and learn everything I could about yoga!

The more I practice, the more I want to find my true self and Yoga changed my life! It changed me back to who I was, who I used to be and has made me a better person.

Yoga helped me find my true self and I want to use my knowledge to help people find themselves too.

"Yoga is a place where broken people come to be fixed,
only to realize that they were never actually broken"
- Dylan Werner
"In the last five years I started to do regular visits to the gym. I was always tempted to try yoga but did not dare as my ability to stretch was rather limited.
Once offered here I jumped at the possibility to try it out. I could have not wished for a nicer and better teacher. Always encouraging me to try things out but never giving me the feeling I am not good enough if I can’t do the pose. I feel super comfortable with her and love the variety of the classes. Kim is very down to earth, approachable and makes me laugh and relax in her class.
Since then, I love doing yoga! Thank you Kim for being such a great teacher!"

Hanna Straub

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